Carpooling and hitchhiking

To get to la Coupe Icare, think of carpooling! For a full car the carpooling is rewarded!

This complementary solution to proposed public transport, allows you to participate in certain animations, for example the evening Film Festival projections, or the hot air balloon launches at dawn and dusk....

Use the app Skymove developed by paragider pilots.

For more information:
Download the application on the Appstore or on Playstore

Use the app Movewiz developed by a local association promoting carpools for all events in the region of Grenoble.

FOR EVENINGS Friday to Saturday in Saint-Hilaire-du-Touvet
A carpool promotion operation "A full car = carpool rewarded" is proposed: on arrival at  parking P1 of Saint-Hilaire-du Touvet. Between 16:00 and 19:00 a reward will be offered to each driver and every passenger of a full carpool vehicle. Attention / Festival hours: Thursday and Friday: 1st session of the evening at 18:00!

In Lumbin, a parking lot near the event is reserved for you.

Saint Hilaire

Saint Hilaire

Saint Hilaire

Saint Hilaire



Organised hitchhiking

A new solution for you to get to one of the two sites of the Coupe Icare : Organised hitchhiking from 20 stop points are situated throughout the Grésivaudan valley (see map below) ; another stop point is located at  Grenoble/City Hall (temporary bus stop in front of the stadium)

Rendezvous at one of the 21 stop points, but only after having downloaded and printed out the sign indicating your destination.


Télécharger la carte des points d'arrêt dans le Grésivaudan

2018 ICARE STOP carte des arre?ts.png

Télécharger la Charte du passager

2018 09 ChartesMembre ASO V5.pdf

Télécharger le panneau avec la destination "LUMBIN"

2018 ICARE STOP Lumbin.pdf

Télécharger le panneau avec la destination "ST HILAIRE"

2018 ICARE STOP St Hilaire.pdf

Télécharger le panneau avec la destination "GRENOBLE - retour"

2018 CARE STOP Grenoble.pdf

Télécharger le panneau vierge pour les autres destinations (retour)

2018 ICARE STOP vierge.pdf