The Coupe Icare reserves a special area for the young ones who can learn everything they want to know about air, flight, wind and birds.



Under the auspices of the Isere Department, the Icarus Kids area welcomes you to the Southern launch zone on Friday and Saturday from 10am to 7pm, Sunday from 10am to 6pm.

- Workshop Weather and construction of a weathervane with Planete Sciences (Friday only)
- Origami and pop-up with Cie l'Envol (Friday and Saturday)
- Workshop rocket with water with "La Bergère des Etoiles" : construction and take-off (Friday only)
- Scientific workshop with 'Sciences et Malice' to explore the powers of the air (Friday and Saturday)
- Creation of kites with 'Imagin'Air'
- Discover the wind by making sailplanes and wind farms with 'Porté Par Le Vent'

- Creation of 'Icare Costumes', windsocks and accessories using recycled paragliders with 'Atelier les Colibris'
- Creation of brazilian balloons with Tura and The "Ballons Pirates"

 :  construction, initiation, launch and demonstration, with the Wings of Payaya
*Planétarium : Discovery of the sky with "la Bergère des étoiles". 360 ° projection under dome. (Saturday and Sunday)
*Falconry display by the team 'Aigles du Léman'.

Paper airplane competition: hosted by the primary school children of St Hilaire. On-site registration.

Discovery also :
*Le jardin du vent :Exhibition of multiform kites, near the Icare Expo.
*Acrobungy,  near the Funicular.



On the landing strip of Lumbin, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00.

*Make hot air balloons out of tissus paper under the auspices of the association des Ballons Pirates.
*Boomerang fabrication fabrication workshop: initiation in launching and demonstrations with Darwin Boomerang.
*Paper airplanes and fighting kites workshop with Imagin'Air and Educ'Enciel
*Inflatable structures: human baby foot and Bubble foot with Ludimouv
*Water rocket making workshop with Tomastro Animation.
*All about air and l'aerology with Science et Malice (Sunday only)
*Activites with the MJC of Crolles: acitivities and initiation to : juggling, trampoline, chinese plates, diabolo, devil's baton, balance and agility course ... (Saturday only)



In St Hilaire as in Lumbin, the Isere Departement invites you to discover ....

The Département of Isère, in partnership with the League for the protection of the birds of the region, proposes :

In St Hilaire, Saturday and Sunday, from 10:00am to 5:00pm
*Workshop for the fabrication of nesting boxes animated by the LPO Isère (participation 3¤/box)
* Workshop «The birds of Icare» with nature guide to: kite exhibit, point to listen to and observe birds.

In Lumbin, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm
Stand "Sport Santé" : videos of total immersion nature sports thanks to 360° virtual reality sports activities with connected bracelet tests.<
Activities at the ENS of the Marais de Montfort, accompanied by a nature guide of the Département: a listening and observation point for birds and other flight-related subjects. 


Classes welcomed in St Hilaire
Friday (all day) by advanced reservation : Tel - mail : ecsthila@ac-grenoble.fr

Acces in Icare Mômes
Free entry in St Hilaire as in Lumbin
Fees required to cover cost of certain materials used in workshops.



In St Hilaire,
with the partnership of Isere Department


In Lumbin,
with the partnership of Le Grésivaudan