At the Lumbin landing, you can encounter and discover every aspect of aeromodelling!


Aeromodelling covers several disciplines, each with the sole objective of putting a flying machine  of reduced scale in fllight. The most common models take the shape of an airplane, sailplane, helicopter or hot air balloon... but they can also ressemble another existing flying machine, or a no-longer existing one. In this case one refers to them as « scale models ».

The various disciplines of aeromodelling:

  • FREE FLIGHT:  the model aircraft flies alone with configured settings
  • CIRCULAR FLIGHT : the model aircraft flies in a half-sphere guided by cables
  • RADIO - CONTROLLED FLIGHT : the model aircraft is piloted from a distance by radio waves

ICARE MODEL SHOW (organized by the Comité Régional d'AéroModélisme Rhône Alpes) invites you to explore every aspect of this discipline : aerobatic planes and 3D copters with spectacular performances, prop planes, jets and helicopters, sailplanes and hot air balloons....  Surprisingly, many small scale models fly equally as well as the original aircrafts that inspired them.

Starting at 9 am flights will continue throughout the day without interruption until 4 pm: large scale aerobatic demos, hot air balloons, jet planes, competition sailplanes and models, Blériot's flight with a model aircraft... and lots more!

At ICARE MODEL EXPO - the aeromodelling trade fair, you can meet the professionals and discuss their techniques.
At the CRAM RHONE ALPES stand you will find loads of practical information on this discipline.

Children can : discover the art of piloting with simulators, try flying dual-control models, or make a mini scale foam aircraft during a construction workshop.


Novelties 2015

ICARE MODEL CIRCUS : the aeromodelling air carnaval
The Icarnaval of miniature hang gliders and paragliders... !

ICARE MODEL CINEMA : The Aeromodelling Film Festival (2 min long films on the these of aeromodelling) Contest open to all.
For further information : cinema@icare-model-show.fr

Réglement du festival ICARE MODEL CINEMA

For more information...

Consult the following sites : http://www.cram21.com/. ou http://www.icare-model-show.fr/

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