Aerial sports perform on the big screen! Travel log, portrait of an exceptional man or woman, adventure, preformance, animated film or scenario... Each has a story to tell and expresses a true passion for flying.

For its 35th edition, the Icares of Cinema received nearly 80 film entries. Not all will be projected during the Festival !

In actuality, every film is viewed by a selection committee that determines which entries are the best for the Official Festival projections to the general public and to attendees of the Mornings « Off »

A story of three friends, champions of free fall and passionate about parachuting in the magnificent landscape of New Caledonia.



Fred and Vince aim to do the ultimate parachuting feat: to end their wingsuit flight inside a plane in flight!

Discovery of the joys of nature flights in different sail planes over the Alps and Occitanie.

An adventure that combines the art of hiking with flying in Corsica along one of the most renowned trails in the world: the GR20 of Corsica...

In February and March 2018, Martin Beaujouan and Antoine Girard succeeded in completing an autonomous bivouac flight of 1800km across the Andes that included: crossing of the Atacama desert, flying along the Pacific, taking off from volcanoes....

Aisthan confronts himself, swaying gracefully and prudently over the void...



On an isolated atoll in the northern Pacific Ocean, albatrosses are dying, their bodies filled with plastic. This film reveals this horrid tragedy, but also speaks of beauty and love for our life on Earth.

Aufstieg - rise - is an attempt to contrast the massive aesthetic of a brutal residential block with a poetic gesture. The coexistence of nature and ruins is broken here by the action of a protagonist when a bunch of balloons rise into the sky and leave a miraculous trace behind.

In September 2017, Franck decided to cross the Alps, from Switzerland to the Mediterranean, by bike with his Base Jump bag. His 1200km expedition with 20 jumps took 40 days.

A road trip through the Balkans with Jamie and his companions, a fun-loving bunch, passionate about flying!


Wingsuit star Jokke Sommer trains for speed riding. Accompanied by Valentin Delluc, they descend the 3 mythical summits of Switzerland: Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger, with their mini canopies

A launch at 3563m in altitude, 1300m agl, a steep slope with sections of 45° inclines: the North face of the Aiguille du Midi and Bossons Glacier by SpeedRiding with Valentin Delluc.


JC is a base jumper who never ceases to push the limits of man's greatest dream: to fly. When one of his jumps is not successful, his dream is violently dashed.   

Jean-Yves Fredriksen (Blutch) shares his most recent crossing of the fully Himalayan range by bivouac flight.Jean-Yves Fredriksen (Blutch) shares his most recent crossing of the fully Himalayan range by bivouac flight.


The story of two world distance records by paraglider and a homage to the Brazilians of the "Sertão" region.

The annual summer Speedflying meet at Les Deux Alpes  in France. 


A discovery of the different flying sites of New Zealand.

The Wairarapa Balloon Festival is an annual event, with, for the 2017 edition, difficult conditions and some precious moments.


In 1978, for the 1st time on the continent of Africa, an attempt to launch a tandem hang glider from the summit of Mount Cameroun at 4100m !!

Legendary hang glider pilots Jeff O'Brien and John Lindberg do great demonstrations of contact flight.

The « Wind and Glide » festival attracts uncommon sailplanes to a magnificent beach in Brittany.

Jürgen and Rolf make their dream come true: to journey through Colombia with their paragliders. Most exceptional is that they are both paraplegic pilots. They will face numerous challenges both great and small.


Portrait of Honorin Hamard, a talented 25-year-old freediver and paraglider pilot.

Discover Andalousia by paramotor including the Colorado of Andalou, Lake Negratin and other magnificent landscapes!

A young Syrian refugee and a young European share their religious beliefs in order to achieve durable peace.

A single man is lying on the cold tar flooring of an old factory. Freezing, he tries to warm up by a fire and from there, a whole crazy show combing aerobatics and pyromania ensues.

A quest for adventure of any kind. And also the history of the village of Bir, in the Himalayas, one of the world's most beautiful sites for paragliding.

The recounted adventure of the Handiciel group during the costumed Carnaval of the Coupe Icare with two team members and volunteers

Paragliding, is above all a story of passion and sharing.  In flight there are no impediments, no handicap, simply an overwhelming sensation of freedom that takes us to the essence of life.

An invitation to travel to the south of Morocco - flying of course and not forgetting human relationships, earth, waves, desert, sun and stars...

In the heat of a favela, Aaron, a young kid, has a lonely, miserable life until the day he spies a sublime bird about to launch. From that point he has an ulterior motive, which he will do anything to reach: to learn to fly !


15 minutes were enough to change my life...



Three young paraglider pilots launch on a flight along the Pyrenees in a true quest for freedom. It requires serious training, alternating between hiking and flying, during which they take the time to learn.

10th World Paramotor Championships:  top competitors competing occasionally in difficult conditions. They don't improvise and prepare for this contest months in advance.

A hunt for record flights by tandem paraglider and a broken record with over 360 km a compatible duo, Katia et Julien.

Portrait of one of the living legends of parachuting.  


In his bedroom, a young, very clever boy draws up plans for a space rocket that will carry a message of love to his mother...

How do laws of Nature function when it comes to paragliding?

  A bird-king, lord of colours, wishes to fill his grey kingdom with happiness. In order to do so, he calls on a dyer who turns out to be rather clumsy...  

Live it live, right in the heart of the event through our Olympic Games journal by Montlambert.

What are the Souls flyers doing vacationing in Guadeloupe ? They drink coconut milk...

A sonorous, choreographed expedition with a succession of animated lines that marry every day life with strange canopy-like birds

  In a sombre world where death reigns, a kindred yet awkward, naive skeleton attracted by the light of the moon, attempts to make wings that will reach it. ...  The myth of Icarus revisited.  

Relive the 2nd World Paramotor Air Games held in the Centre region of France from 23 to 25 June 2017.

Christina Kolb, today's world aerobatic paraglider champion, engaged this summer in a bivouac flight in the heart of Tajikistan.


An epic adventure to the Moab desert of Utah by hang glider, with the major feat of passing through one of the famous stone arches as a challenge.

For Valentin Delluc, When night falls on the mountains, it is hardly time to sleep. Like a firefly, he illuminates the darkness...  


A bivouac flight across the Alps, between Germany and Austria.


In the sky over Organya, paraglider pilots do a whole series of aerobatics.

An archipelago. Two islands. An urge to fly. Two opposing personalities and their pasts. Two young women at the moment of their big jump....

The tour of Rwanda by paramotor was scheduled in October-November 2017. Due to problems of authorisation, went flew Ouganda instead. After 4 days of the 21 planned, Jean-Michel had a fatal accident. This film pays homage to my friend.

Bivouac flight is an escape, a breath of fresh air, a parenthesis... Auréliane and Francois return to the Pyrenees to cross the range by tandem.

Sept by step the team outdoes itself, escapes and lets go.


Christian, 63, and Bruce, 71, are two friends, each with a load to carry. Christian has weak vision to genetic disease while Bruce is deaf and bipolar. However both men share a dream: to fly and defy gravity....  

At what point do you finally judge an expedition a failure? Can a story of mountaineering without summits, or accidents be of any interest to watch?


An homage to the mythical s ASK-13 sail plane school. A meet destined to allow less experienced pilots to understand the excellent conditions of the Southern Alps.


Young people discovering and getting introduced to different activities managed by the FFVL. Some prefer paragliding while others take to boomerang or kite.

A traveller facing his own anguish and frustration decides to leave his home in the desert to launch on a voyage to Saturn.

The world's first air surf by hang glider.  

Two friends climb and camp on the summit of the great Area in the Cerces, then take off the next morning in the beautiful autumn light of the Briançonnais region.


The sky is their canvas; the plane is their brush...

A sketch of the 2017 Sailplane Championships at Omarama, New Zealand.

Have you ever dreamed of surfing in the sky? Of feeling that incredible sensation of the ultimate ride and freedom. The Flying Frenchies did just that !


A sail plane race in New Zealand where a spirit of community, liberty and new perspectives in the sky


A beautiful story of paragliding in high mountain conditions, in a country where you have to prove that you are crazy but inoffensive as quickly as possible.

Bulle is us, it is ours. Bulle is our friend, our enemy, good and bad... On beautiful days, clouds and storms... planes and airports, taxis and delays... New tricks, injuries and accidents... Bulle is everything and nothing,

Eliot Nochez does a sequence of aerobatics and close contact flight, a nice mix between ski and flight.


A group of paraglider pilots, including 3 world champions, explore the Canary Islands, not solely to fly, but to better understand the wind.


A Himalayan adventure of autonomous bivouac flying by a couple in love: Loraine and François took off for 10 days of superb landscapes.


This film attempts to give a different slant on legendary paragliding athletes. What motivates them? Where do they get such energy?

At the end of 2015, Brazil experienced the most devastating environmental catastrophe of its history: the rupture of the Mariana dam, with a spill of over 62 millions cubic metres of toxic mud that caused vast destruction and death. One year after this catastrophe, Lu Marini makes a 22 day rally by air to take account of the region and those who lost everything.

Rodolphe Cassan and Mael Baguet took up the challenge of attempting to do the 3 historical and mythical corridors of the Verdon in one day by BASE and Climb mode, fully autonomous equipment-wise.

On one side are nature lovers who have been working for years on reintegrating birds of prey ; on the other side are paraglider pilots, nature lovers themselves in search of freedom. Tension builds between these two factions whose objectives may seem contradictory. And yet, they are so similar.


In my youth, I asked my dad to make me art objects to fly out of copper, iron and bronze. I was absorbed by these objects and also by birds and episodes of Ushuaia on TV... An infusion of man toward bird ...

After doing Korea and Scotland, the paramotorists group « We are the rovers » take off to discover Norway. A human voyage peppered with laughter, discovery and unexpected moments.


Snowkite is a new flourishing sport. Thanks to wind energy, riders quickly access snowy mountain crests where an immense playground reveals itself...

When a little boy's plane is stuck in a tree, he has to confront his greatest fear: vertigo.

At dawn, Geraldine Fasnacht launches from an altitude of 5500m with her illuminated wingsuit. She achieves a world's first at 1000m above the summit of the Grand Combin in the Swiss Alps.


The "Vezo", fishing people of southern Madagascar, are impacted by the over fishing of industrial conglomerates. Their future is understandably jeopardized. Why not teach paragliding to certain young people in the community. Couldn't they carve out a living by developing this activity?