The Coupe Icare has a knack for attracting great musicians, comedians, street and circus artists ... who add spice and colour, joy and vibes. Join the bandwagon and make the most of it !



« Les Totems », giant silhouettes in strange forms noiselessly slip among the spectators. With slow, soft gestures they animate areas and dance lithely...
The new show of the troupe the Quidams beckons you into a dreamy, poetic world.
Saturday night on the South Launch.



Attribut des Oiseaux Rares (Characteristic of Rare Birds) is a menaced species. It will make a  powerful appearance in our realm. A world where trees take root inside eggs and chicks grow within seeds.  
The flamboyant troupe "Quartier de nuit" on stilts will also be in Lumbin, on Sunday.

Les Androïdes -  a hilarious band of dancing robots will surprise you. Plunge right into a  rhythmical, futuristic choregraphy !

Get a taste of Icarnaval with the Bandits Manchots (Penguin bandits)! Silly name for a troupe that will undoubtedly surprise the public and provoke laughter during Icarnaval.


Try Orgarêve et ses Joyeux Nuages (Orgarêve and the happy clouds), a marvelous merry-go-round propulsed by parents that contains, deep within, an extraordinary organ: 48 pipes for the Alpine horns, player piano, accordeon... and drums!

Les Pikooks, inspired by snowy owls, will do a nuptial dance in the air. These graceful, volatile beings return to their niche where the atmosphere tinted in orange, gets hot ! Aerial and celestial...  You will find them at the South Launch every evening.



The Ziriguidoum batucadas thunder the beat as they march and the children's Batouk, composed of a multitude of joyful, booming sounds, will animate all the sites of St Hilaire. Throughout the day they will alternate with Little Mother Funkers funk combo and the great sounds of  Jeremy Nattagh, multi-instrumentist sound genious, who mixes groove with ethnic trance... !

In Lumbin, take part in the booming ambulatory sessions of Batucada Ça Percute.

In St Hilaire: Programme produced by Christian Pignoly - Art dans Désir - - tel

In Lumbin: Programme produced by Dominique Crebassa

Should the program of street shows be subjected to last minute changes, please accept our apologies in advance.